The Coordination Meeting was held at the Ministry of Planning and National Development headquarters. H.E. Mr. Hassan Mohamed Ali (Gaafadhi), Minister of Planning and National Development(MoPND) chaired the meeting and was attended by other ministers, the Manager of Hargeisa Water Agency, Mohamed Ali Darod, and the Director General of MoPND, Mubarik Abdilahi Daljir. .

German delegation was led by Mr. Marius Rauh, Head of Development Cooperation at the German Embassy in Kenya, accompanied by Andreas Holtkotte, the outgoing Regional Director of KfW Office for the Horn of Africa region in Nairobi, Oskar Von Maltzan, the new Regional Director of KfW Office -who is taking over the office in February- and GIZ representatives.

The key discussions of the meeting focused on the progress of ongoing projects, funded by Kfw and GIZ in Somaliland, the main challenges so far, and the way forward

In his opening speech, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Ali, Minister of MoPND, welcomed the German delegation and highlighted the great importance of German funded programs in Somaliland that include: expanding the water supply and basic sanitation and sustainable land management, in which the key beneficiaries are Hargeisa Water Agency, Municipality of Hargeisa and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Moreover, The General Manager of Hargeisa Water Agency(HWA), Mr. Mohamed Ali Darod, praised the German Government, Kfw, and GIZ for working closely with Hargeisa Water Agency in expanding the water supply of Hargeisa, improving the sanitation system and the upcoming Sustainable Land Management Project.

After the end of the meeting, the outgoing Regional Director of Kfw, Mr. Andreas Holtkotte, and the new Regional Director, Mr. Oskar Von Maltzan, got a chance to visit Hargeisa Water Agency.  Mr. Mohamed Ali Darod, the Manager of HWA, Mr. Osman Abdullahi, Deputy Manager of HWA, Mr Ahmed Musa Tahir, Director of Planning, Coordination and Development at HWA, Mr Mohamed farah, CES consultant, Miss Ayan Hujaleh, Technical Support consultant at HWA, Mr Zoran Vrekic, Project Manager at Ludwig Pfeiffer, attended the meeting. HWA’s Manager briefed the two directors about the ongoing projects financed by KfW and acknowledged the outstanding and extraordinary work and leadership of Mr. Andreas Holtkotte during his role as the Regional Director of Kfw.  The HWA Management, CES consultant and the contractor visited the Chinese Reservoir, which is the main operation base for KfW Project.