HWA Currently supplies approximately 9 million liters per day. City requires > 40 million liters per day, using WHO figure of 50% l/p/d. The pumping stations operate on a 23-hour basis. Currently, HWA has 24,500 household connections and 400 pubic kiosks. Over the last 3-years, HWA has made considerable progress in terms of cost recovery. The income from water sales has increased steadily since 2007 despite no increase in the bulk water supply and no tariff increases since 2007. The agency has 95% collection rate.

Bulk Water Supply

HWA operates 2 pumping stations (Geed Deeble and Biyo Khadar), 13 boreholes, 23Km transmission mains and Sheedaha Water reservoir, all construction in 1974.