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Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project


The Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP) is a 42-month, €16.5 million project co-funded by the European Union (€15 million) and UN-Habitat (€1.5 million), and implemented by UN-Habitat.
In response to regional water scarcity and rapid urbanisation, HUWSUP is rebuilding Hargeisa’s decaying bulk-water transmission system, increasing its capacity by 122% to 20 million litres a day.  The upgraded system will be managed by HUWSUP’s partner, Hargeisa Water Agency.

•    Replace the pipeline system from the Geed Deeble wellfield to Hargeisa with a new high-capacity single transmission main, thus bringing more water into the municipal system and securing the supply from Geed Deeble for the long term.
•    Upgrade the booster station at Biyo Khadar and the pumping station at Geed Deeble to improve the regularity of pumped water to the Chinese Reservoir in the north of the city.
•    Rehabilitate key boreholes and drill new ones to enhance water production from the Geed Deeble and Hora Haadley wellfields.
•    Develop capacities at the Hargeisa Water Agency in the fields of planning, management and delivery of capital works projects.
By the end of construction in 2015, the new, high-capacity pipeline will bring an additional 5.5 million litres of water to Hargeisa every day. The upgraded system also has the potential to further increase the water supply: connecting additional wellfields (Hora Haadley and Laas Durre) in the future could supply Hargeisa with as much as 20 million litres a day.
A significant number of additional households will benefit from improved direct access to the Hargeisa municipal water system. Many more will be able to access safe and affordable water through 500 of Hargeisa’s water kiosks, providing a more sustainable and reliable supply many thousands of residents.
HUWSUP will also contribute to enhanced livelihood opportunities through income generation and job creation.
Overall, HUWSUP is laying the foundations for improved and sustainable water infrastructure for the entire city of Hargeisa. In combination with EU and other donor-funded projects, as well as work undertaken by the Hargeisa Water Agency and the Ministry of Water Resources, the entire population of Hargeisa will benefit from an urban water system built for the future.

Achievements In 2013

The project started in December 2012 and so 2013 has been all about planning, communication and designing the new system to be installed.  The engineering required to pump the 20 million litres over 23Km and up a lift of 300m is advanced and so HUWSUP has recruited the best engineers for the design to ensure the facilities will be as per international standards.
Now the design has been completed, 2014 will see the tenders are being advertised worldwide and attached to attract the right contractors who can build the new pipeline and pumping station.
Construction works are expected to begin by late 2014.

HUWSUP Key Messages     
1.    Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project is funded by the EU, implemented by UH-HABITAT in partnership with Hargeisa Water Agency and supported by Ministry of Water Resources.
2.    The replacement and upgrading of the degraded Hargeisa water supply system is necessary and urgent – HUWSUP is the first step towards a safe and secure water system for Hargeisa city. Support your project
3.    HUWSUP is the first significant investment towards providing clean water for Hargeisa residents for more than 30 years. Support HUWSUP to achieve the first milestone towards future clean water of Hargeisa resident.
4.    HUWSUP is installing a high-capacity system by using the latest technology to ensure an up-to-date and improved future water system for Hargeisa residents. The new system will bring more water to Hargeisa residents by mid 2016. Rally your family and friends to help us upgrade Hargeisa water supply system.
5.    Using the appropriate amount of water you have shows how you care for your neighbours.   Conserving as much water as you can lets your neighbours have water as well!
6.    MOTHER, choose water to be the number one thing to be kept clean and safe in your home.  This will help you to raise healthy and strong children who are successful at school.